Yasi Perera solo drums w/ electronics. another thoughts about rock'n roll, drums for my playing sound well in a spreading sound world weakly resembling distorted electric guitar and bass, becomes my drums to me.

searching for passage between pulsations, electronics that can resume any meter, bear multiple 'pulses', but still feel definite when conceived as rocking (at this or that tempo, but not polyrhythmic). I have a particular, if not entirely single, rhythm feeling I try to get to when I play, often by known 'tricks' like a 4Hz single stroke snare, felt and differentiated specifics in subtle tempo modulation, rhythmic 'cells' and metric modulations, never polyrhythms. my methods I save from noticing what gets to the feeling.

thinking about the feeling of favorite hardcore, celebration in received materials: "air reed"-glass-bottle-sounds, alternating with 12Hz quiet blast beat. double conch-shell solo. (double-X solo) simulating favorite things to search for their salient characters.

DRUMS tab-- SYX pancakes
several people have helped me do these performances, mostly not playing, but helping. I have as part of SYRNX been developing a group-conciousness light visualizer. for the latest concerted performance, november 2011, Ezra Buchla, Laura Steenberge, and Amanda Eicher controlled the group-light together, illuminating themselves and me, sitting close to throbbing number theoretic noise and my drums positing the noise as rocking. so far 40 people have used the light at once, is the most

-- another technology developed with Syrnx is a 'day of' souvenir DVD machine. this pops out souvenirs of a performance, hopefully quickly enough for a regime change.